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TLP - Episode #8 - Making Space for Beauty with Regina Mountjoy

Welcome to today’s conversation!  Today I’m talking with my friend Regina Mountjoy of Reginamountjoy.com…..if you’ve been following me from my other podcast, The Practical Minimalists, you’ll remember Regina from one of our last epsiodes, The One About Spirituality….and if you listened to that you you’ll know Regina is not one to shy away from hard topics.  So it shouldn’t have surprised me when this conversation did not go where I thought it would.  I thought we’d have a light and practical conversation about some easy ways to declutter….but we went so much deeper and more strategic than that.  A little more about Regina….she is a former destination wedding photographer with 20 years of experience.  Her photography is now focused on flower portraiture and her love of plant life and the earth.  In additional she offers energy clearing and clutter coaching.  She view’s her purpose in life as to make space for beauty.  I hope you enjoy and get something out of our conversation today.  Let’s go to the show.

Show Notes

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