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TLP - Episode #7 - How to use power tools with Kallie Buckmaster

In today’s conversation I am talking with my friend Kallie Buckmaster about how to use powertools.  Or, more specifically, how to do things around the house that are stereotypically a “man’s job.” On this show and with many of my creative endeavors, I often tackle concepts and ideas that I want to learn more about myself.  Overcoming my fear of heavy duty house projects was one of them.  Having watched Kallie share her home projects for years, I thought she was the perfect guest to come on to share, encourage and inspire myself and you guys.  The fact that Kallie is such and dainty, delicate and gentle person makes the way she busts through stereotypes even more satisfying!  So I hope hearing our conversation today will inspire you to pick up that drill, power up that table saw, or simply to hang the curtain rod yourself.  Let’ go to the show!

Show Notes:

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