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TLP - Episode #14 - Surrender vs. Action with Eryn Jones

Today’s guest will not be a stranger to you if you have been following along with my podcast adventures.  My guest today is Eryn Jones, who was my co-host for three years on The Practical Minimalist Podcast.  On that show Eryn and I explored the topic of Practical Minimalism…basically we wanted to make minimalist more approachable and we explored topics from creating a capsule wardrobe to digital minimalism.  If that sounds interesting to you, check out the podcast….all of the 80+ episodes are still available.  Eryn has many talents; she is a trained counselor, former pastry chef, homeschooler, wife, mom of 3, Enneagram 4.  One of her superpowers is being able to distill complicated topics and feelings, and so I thought she’d be perfect to come on today’s show and explore a topic that’s been on my heart.  And that is the idea that surrendering to a higher power and taking action are somehow in conflict with each other.  Is this true?  Is it false?  What does it look like to practice both?  This comes up in many contexts for me.  I’ll give you a couple of examples:  Let’s take physical exercise.  I had an interesting conversation with one of my Instagram friends, Priscilla Smith and she asked me something along the lines of….how do we push our bodies to do things we couldn’t do before AND show self love and gentleness?  For me, both are important, but sometimes it’s hard to know if we’re on the right track.  Another example could be in business and this is something I’ve really wrestled with:  I’ve had seasons in my photography business that were dry and where everything was going wrong.  I even took it as a sign to shut down.  So what’s the right answer?  Did I do the right thing by following the signs and shutting down for a season?  Or should I have pressed on?  Or is there no “right” answer?  Does the answer lie somewhere in the gray?  These are the questions we’re exploring in today’s conversation.

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