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I do my best to contribute to the world through various forms of media like podcasting, photography, social media, and other forms of creative media. I work with brands to help them connect with, inspire and elevate the customers and audiences. I also work with individuals, women and families to help them capture special + important moments. For my photography portfolio and pricing, see my photography page.

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I'll be honest, even though part of my job is to help my clients elevate their social media, I think about quitting all my accounts about once a week!  But ultimately I stick around because technology is just a tool; it's the use and the intent behind it that determines whether or not it will help or harm you.  And I would love to connect with you here.  Instagram is where I hang out.  Social media is probably not going away anytime soon, so speaking about my thoughts on this topic is something I do regularly in my feed and on my podcasts.  You'll also see pretty pics of my family adventures, recommendations, and letter board irony too.

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