Heather Conkin

Podcasts I host


Podcasts I host

I have always loved to talk and connect with anyone who was willing.  Most of my life I've been envious of people with more "obvious" passions and talents like painting, engineering, medicine, drawing, etc.  However with the help of a lot of books, many conversations with friends, and a little bit of therapy, I realized that maybe simply having conversations was a talent too.  And maybe that deep rooted, always present desire could be used both to refine me and to help others.  Win win.


The Practical Minimalists

A few years ago I became fascinated with minimalism.  While I was eating up everything I could read or listen to, none of it seemed like it was something that I could share with my girlfriends.  I was positive they would think I was trying to convince them to move into a tiny home, ditch their TVs, live with two pieces of furniture or say goodbye to their home decor.  But to me, learning about minimalism was creating a personal freedom I had never experienced before and it really had nothing to do with how my home looked or a sparse wardrobe.  It was more about the WHY rather than the HOW or WHAT.  So I called up my friend Eryn, asked her if she wanted to start a podcast and we launched about a month later.  Now we have over 300,000 downloads and counting!  But more importantly we have been able to connect with so many cool people and talk about practical ways to live more intentionally.


The Thanks Ladies! Podcast

The Thanks Ladies Podcast is designed to make you laugh, bring you joy, and help you grow and connect in some way.  Each week, I'll be sharing an conversation with a lady in my life who has something to share.  My whole life, I've felt like I was a non romantic match maker at heart. I've got a beat on the soccer moms, the executives, the outliers, the crunchy mamas, the single gals, the no-kid ladies...you name it!  I used to feel like I didn't fit in anywhere, but I started realizing....maybe this is some weird type of super power! I know people with so many talents...and I want everyone to know them too!  This is my way of doing a better job of sharing the multi talented ladies in my life.