Heather Conkin


Love Dani Studio | Boulder Brand Photographer

The mere existence of these photos is a bit of a miracle. A bit on that later, but first let me tell you about my friend Dani, owner of Love Dani Studio. She is no stranger to this site. She appeared on my podcast earlier this season to talk about her struggle with anxiety. If you listened to the episode, you heard her talk about her company which was born in part as a way to cope with her anxiety and to serve the greater good. Love Dani Studio is a place that spreads kindness, positivity, and joy in fun and easy ways. There you’ll find cards, various other stationary, and more recently, apparel which carries out the mission. Reminiscent of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper days, Dani’s designs are colorful, happy, and radiate positivity. My personal favorite, are her lunchbox notes.

Anyhoo, when Dani reached out to me and my pal Anne Jackson to style and photograph her upcoming apparel line, we were all in. We scheduled the shoot for right after school let out. If you locals recall, May and June were N-U-T-S-O weather wise. HELLO COLORADO switching of seasons! We were tasked with coordinating a large crew of adults and kids in multiple locations. Just coordinating a time that worked for everyone was a task, but we were determined. And it was determined to rain. It was pouring the day of the shoot, but I was determined to pull it off. And I can’t tell you why, but I knew in my guts everything would be fine, so off we went. It rained all the way downtown. But just as we were pulling up to our first location, the sun came out and stayed out for the full 2 hours we were shooting. As soon as we were all packed up an ready to go, out came the rain. I kid you not!

I joked a lot that day that I “used my powers” to control the weather, but you know what? Call me crazy but I think I did. We all did. I’m not saying I pulled an Elsa, but I do believe in the power of creating your own reality. Although having the rain stop while we were shooting was awesome, I don’t think the positive results were all attributed to the lack of rain. I think because we were all EXPECTING to have great results….we did. I think that even if it was pouring down rain the whole time we would have figured out a way to make some magic. Now, if I could only cultivate that attitude all the time, I’d be set. I’m working on it.

Thank you Dani for trusting us with your vision!