Heather Conkin


The Leoni Family

As I nervously relaunched + rebooted my photography shop, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Crickets? Lots of responses? Questions? Criticism? Whatever the response, I was ready for it, because it’s all worth it to be able to express my creative side + do something that supports my family that also allows me the flexibility to mom the way I want to mom. Well, I can say that I’m humbled and happy with the response. I had old clients who contacted me right away, and new ones, like today’s feature who I was just thrilled to work with! Rebekah was my daughter’s third grade teacher whom she just adored. She announced mid year that she was expecting and it was adorable to watch all the kid’s excitement grow. We found out Miss Meadow was born at the end of July and then Mrs. Leoni came back to work recently! She created quite the buzz when she retuned! I was beyond thrilled to get to work with her family to capture some warm and cozy fall photos. Um, Rebekah, have you ever considered styling as a side gig? I went gaga over her outfit selections and it doesn’t hurt either that these three are basically a poster for Colorado Living. Thanks Leoni family for trusting me with your family and thank you for supporting me in my reboot! You guys are so lovely!