Heather Conkin


Kippie-Rieschman Family | Boulder Lifestyle Photographer

I’m really enjoying getting back to blogging everything; my sessions, my thoughts, my personal projects. There is so much information out there on branding, and business structure, and how you should position yourself. The access to information is amazing, but it can also be overwhelming. Just like with how you structure your diet, how you structure your business can often become crippling when we focus on the accessories rather than the engine. Your branding, whether or not you have a separate instagram handle for your business, what type of book keeping software you use….these are all things to consider, but often times we can put too much importance into these things and then we get crippled, and then we’re stuck. When the truth is we just need to show up and keep doing the thing. And maybe our branding and positioning isn’t perfect, but if we can figure out how to do our thing in a way that keeps us showing up day after day? That’s what we should do. And that’s where I’m at. Although it’s very 2008 of me, I love blogging my sessions and images of all kinds.

Which brings me to my session today! When I look back on my first journey into professional photography back in late 2014 early 2015 I had no clue what I was doing. In fact, I started by business in Colorado right after we moved here and I knew, like, 2 people. It didn’t make much sense business wise because I had no network, but I found that, like podcasting, your business can BE a networking tool and a way to meet people, and that’s exactly what it did for me. I got to meet awesome people along the way and many of them are still clients and friends today. One of these clients is Amber, and I’m just honored that she keeps trusting me with capturing memories for her family that has grown and changed over the years. My first session with Amber was a few months after her daughter was born, and now that little ball of personality is 4!!! And she has a little brother!! Getting to hang out with Amber + Ryan and their kiddos was pure fun and I am just filled with gratitude to keep serving families in this way and watching them grow.

Amber introduced me to a “new-to-me” venue, Lionsgate Event Center and I had field day with backdrops including everything from chandeliers, to vines, to flowers, to textured walls. This site is simply gorgeous. Anyway, I love capturing both the beauty and the crazy of young families, and I really hope this came through in this session. P.S. - Don’t you want to squeeze little Asher’s cheeks off? So stinking cute.