Heather Conkin


Bloom and Grow Radio | Boulder Brand Photographer

Business : Bloom and Grow Radio
Head Honcho: Maria Failla
How did you find me: We are friend IRL!
Location: my backyard, Superior, CO

I was first introduced to my friend Maria Failla, by my friend Analisa Leaming. Analisa and I were acquaintances in college at the University of Memphis, but reconnected through podcasting a few years ago. With a few other friends, we formed a podcast mastermind and the rest is history! Since meeting Maria, we’ve become fast friends. She’s come to visit me a few times and I’ve taken my family to visit her in NYC! To get to collaborate with her on a work project was a dream. Here’s the thing about Maria. She is a MACHINE. She is the host and woman behind the curtain for Bloom and Grow Radio by day and performs in CATS by night. I know. Where she get’s her energy, I do not know, but I do know that she’s special and I loved working with her on any and all of her photography needs. Podcasters who are running a business, often have sponsored content where their clients hire said podcaster to promote their products on their podcast and/or social media channels. Images need to reflect the story of the brand. For this project, Maria needed to showcase Bloem Living’s portable canvas planters. It’s was kinda crazy how this shoot came together! We did it pretty much on the fly in my (non-styled) backyard, but I couldn't be happier with how they all came out! My kids even got to join in on the fun. Sometimes there’s just nothing better than being outside and getting your hands dirty.