Heather Conkin


3 Tips for Kids and Photography

Over the weekend I had the joy of doing a small part to facilitate a girl scout meeting. Please don't get my wrong. When I say small, I mean tiny in comparison to my friend Lisa who does all the heavy lifting. I signed up to help with the meeting this month, and it turns out, one of the stations was on beginner photography! It was meant to be. The girls had an opportunity to snap photos at one of their previous events. During each session I did a small lessons on how to take better photos followed by a review of the photos they took at the previous meeting. Finally each girl selected a photo to go on their troop website. As I was sharing my mini lesson with the girls, I got to thinking….this is super duper simple but maybe it’s worth sharing. I came up with some simple tips for getting started that are good for grown up and kids alike! And bonus: I made it into an acronym. It goes like this.

Let’s Find Magic.


Lighting is everything. Look for well lit areas, but try to avoid the light hitting your subject’s face directly.  If you are taking pictures in the direct sunlight, if possible make sure the sun is BEHIND your subjects. Rules are made to be broken in the world of creativity, but when you are starting out in photography, look for well lit areas.

F (Find) - FOCUS

Nothing makes your photos pop like razor sharp subjects. Many people think you need is a fancy lens or camera to achieve this, but it’s just not so! All you have to do is master you camera’s focus mechanism and you’ll be taking better photos in no time. Experiment with auto focus and manual focus. Most phones make this super simple and all you have to do is tap the area you want to be in focus. Take the extra few seconds to do this and your photos will improve.

M (magic) Movement

Another component that affects the quality of the image that is outside your camera’s control is the movement of your subject. Sports photographers, for example, have fancy equipment to compensate for this, but we are not sports photographers! When starting out, to ensure your subject looks best be sure everyone or everything is still or else it will be blurry central.

So there you have it! My attempt at holding 4th grader’s attention for 30 minutes was a success and I hope it held yours as well. Tell me if trying these tips helps you achieve prettier photos!