Heather Conkin


Punch Buggy Shave Ice | Boulder Brand Photographer

Who: Neige LaRue
Where: Punch Buggy Shave Ice - Louisville, CO
How I know Neige: originally met at MBS Crossfit, and have collaborated with her in the past.

I’ve known Neige since her coffee brewing days, and when she reached out and said she was starting another business and needed help with images for media, I was all in. Punch Buggy Shave Ice is a darling little Shave Ice Shop that packs a fun + flavorful punch! A native Hawaiian, Neige wanted to bring authentic Shave Ice to Colorado and she’s done it! Not only is it the real deal, it’s made will all natural sugars and dyes so it’s allergy friendly AND you don't have to worry about the treats staining your tongue or clothing! Double bonus! We pulled together a photoshoot with tons of kids + treats to showcase the whimsical taste and feel of Punch Buggy. It was a blast working with all the kids + capturing the essence of the experience you’ll get when you stop by Punch Buggy for a treat!