Heather Conkin


Phillip, Esther, and Thijs

When I opened up my photography shop, I was so appreciative of old clients who contacted me to pick up where we left off! Esther, Phillip and Thijs were some of those people for me. I met Esther at MOPS and I’m so thankful for that connection. Things like MOPS are great for so many reasons but one is that it nudges you to get out of your comfort zone and connect with new people and I’m thankful for my friendship with Esther. It’s been fun to connect with her over entrepreneurial things, project ideas, and innovations she’s working on. It’s pretty neat to capture their family as Thijs is growing as well. Phillip upbeat spirit always lifts me up and makes me laugh so it’s always a fun + relaxed time photographing this sweet family. Thanks for the honor guys!